Roadside assistance & how it works?

The best Roadside Assistance service provider in Accra & Tema

   Reasons why you should choose HELPS.

  • For peace of mind driving

  • Your vehicle health is our topmost priority

  • We provide you with full support when your vehicle breaks down

  • we are time-sensitive and dependable




 Still not convinced?


   We offer free periodic Vehicle diagnostic testing and alternator checks for our members.




  At HELPS your car health is also our priority.




We are a Roadside Assistance & Towing company geared towards providing peace of mind driving with an added sense of security at a great value to vehicle owners and drivers within Accra & Tema. OUR SERVICES, We have you covered! We will send our trained Field Officers with state-of-the-art equipment to assist you to get your vehicles back on road.  roadside assistance is assured In the unfortunate event that your vehicle breaks down whiles on-road, our Field mechanic will be able to assist you with the following;


  •  Emergency roadside assistance 

  • Replacement Of Flat Tyre. (with your spare Tyre)

  •  Jumpstart Your Battery

  •  Vehicle diagnostic testing

  •  Towing to the nearest approved garage

  •  Alternator checks

  •  Fuel Assistance(subject to availability and comes at your own cost)

  •  Minor overheating issues

Welcome To Highway Emergency Local Patrol Services (HELPS) Roadside Assistance and Towing Cover

Helps Towing Service

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Highway Emergency Local Patrol Services (HELPS) is a roadside assistance company established under the Companies ACT  of Ghana. HELPS was established to close the roadside assistance gap, reduce long waiting hours, and to make emergency roadside assistance easily accessible to all Vehicle owners, drivers, and Industries within Our busy cities in Ghana.



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We sell our services in 5 unique cost-effective packages,  intended to take care of your breakdown needs with an added sense of security. All of our packages with the exception of the "Towless Package" (as its name suggest) includes Towing