Welcome and thank you for purchasing Highway Emergency local Patrol Services (HELPS) Emergency Roadside Assistance, Diagnostic Testing & Towing Services.

Our Terms & Conditions constitute your HELPS Emergency Roadside Assistance, Diagnostic Testing & Towing Service Cover. These Terms & Conditions are valid for members within Accra joining on or after the 1st of September 2018. Please, kindly read this document carefully as any use of our service cover is subjected to these Terms & Conditions.

Please note that whilst most of the Terms & Conditions relating to this HELPS Cover apply to the aforementioned location only, some variations depending on the type of membership you are signed up to. To work out which of the Terms & Conditions apply to your particular membership, please make sure you read and understand the type of membership you hold. If you require any further clarification on this information, please call our customer support team on our number 0505334703/0552073022 where one of our support members will be able to assist you.

The Terms & Conditions of emergency roadside assistance are set out in the “HELPS Emergency Roadside Assistance, Diagnostic Testing, and Towing Services Membership Cover Policies” outlined here. The subscription(s) due us for our services are detailed here below or advised to you in writing separately making up the total cost of your HELPS services Membership.





Contact numbers and addresses


For help via telephone following a breakdown call or WhatsApp------055 207 3022/050 5334703

To renew your Membership call or WhatsApp---------055 207 3022/050 5334703

To make changes or inquires about your Membership call or WhatsApp---055 207 3022/050 5334703

Email: info@ghhelps.com

Or visit our Website to directly have a chat with our customer support personnel


What to do if you need Emergency Roadside Assistance



Service Areas:



Emergency Roadside Assistance, Diagnostic Testing, and Towing Services cover detailed in this Policy only applies to registered members (commercial & private vehicles) within Accra & Tema.

How to contact HELPS:

Call our hotline number on 055 207 3022/050 5334703 for service delivery.

Visit our twitter page: @helps_gh

Instagram page: @helps_gh

Facebook page: Highway Emergency Local Patrol Service



How HELPS will identify that you are entitled to Emergency Roadside assistance:



If you are a subscribed Member, HELPS recommends that your Membership card is kept in the registered vehicle as the driver will require the card to access our services. Please note that HELPS is entitled to seek for your permission to activate the service for anyone driving or traveling in the subscribed Member vehicle. When you contact HELPS for assistance, you will be asked to show your membership card to ensure that only entitled members can access our services. If you require assistance, please be prepared to show this card. Even if you are a valid membership cardholder, HELPS reserves the right to refuse service if not produced. For further details, please refer to General Terms & Conditions. Please also note that you should advise HELPS immediately of any changes to your vehicle ownership or address.



If you are provided with Emergency Roadside Assistance service(s) but subsequently defaults in making payment for your HELPS Membership:



Subject to any statutory rights you may have as a consumer, if HELPS provides breakdown assistance services under your HELPS Membership, at your request, and subsequently it becomes apparent that you have not paid for your membership then HELPS will be entitled to charge you for the services provided. You are required to inform HELPS of any changes to persons who are required or authorized to seek the assistance of HELPS in the event of a breakdown. Any request of our services due to an unauthorized call out shall be charged against the account holder of that vehicle membership. There shall be no refund for the use or non-use of this service after registration and payment have been affected for the period subscribed.



Emergency Roadside Assistance Cover - What’s Available?



This section details the different kinds of cover that are available under HELPS membership. The cover you hold is set out below or if changes are made these will be confirmed separately to you in writing.


Services available


HELPS offers several breakdown assistance services that can be purchased as part of your membership. These include:

Roadside Breakdown Assistance – This is the minimum level of cover and provides roadside assistance within the Accra for 16 hours a day (6:00 am -10:00 pm), every day of the year. HELPS number one aim is to get your vehicle back on road, but it is beyond our service delivery within a reasonable time it will be taken to the nearest garage or a garage of your choice.

Towing - Recovery to the nearest approved garages or a garage of your choice within Accra, assuming HELPS is unable to get your car back on road at the roadside.

Diagnostic Testing – at HELPS we just don’t offer breakdown assistance but your car health is our priority. We offer diagnostic testing to all registered members to reduce breakdown and to keep your car at its required and topmost condition.

All Members must buy Roadside Assistance at least 24 hours before they can utilize any of the above services.


Types of Subscriptions


Membership is only available as vehicle membership.

Vehicle Membership covers the vehicle regardless of who is driving (provided the vehicle is within the limits specified and the subscription paid up).

We have 5 unique subscription packages:


1. Towless

  • Ten(5) roadside assistance calls per year

  • Battery jump-start

  • Flat Tyre Service

  • Alternator check

  • Fuel Assistance(

  • Ghc10 one-time enrollment fee

2. Basic

  • Five(5) roadside assistance calls per year with 1 vehicle towing up to 10km

  • Two free diagnostic testings per year

  • Battery jump-start

  • Flat Tyre Service

  • Alternator check

  • Fuel Assistance

  • Ghc10 one-time enrollment fee


  • Ten (10) roadside assistance calls per year with 2 towing up to 10km inclusive
  • Two free diagnostic testings per year
  • Battery jump-start
  • Alternator Checks 
  • Fuel Assistance
  • Flat Tyre Service
  • Ghc10 one-time enrollment fee


  • Fifteen (15) roadside assistance calls per year with 3 towing up to 15km
  • Five (5) free diagnostic testing per year
  • Battery jump-start
  • Flat Tyre Service
  • Alternator checks
  • Fuel Assistance
  • Ghc10 one-time enrollment fee


  • Twenty (20) roadside assistance calls per year with towing up to 15km
  • Ten (10) free diagnostic testing per year
  • Battery jump-start
  • Flat Tyre Service
  • Fuel Assistance
  • Alternator checks
  • Ghc10 one-time enrollment fee


Duration of cover


Membership is available on an annual basis:

Annual Membership: cover is for 12 months and is paid fully in a lump sum figure. You’ll be notified in time before your offer expires and for renewals.

Additional vehicle specifications/restrictions applying to Vehicle Membership only

The following terms apply to your Vehicle Membership:

HELPS is only available under vehicle membership for a vehicle which has been registered with HELPS at least 24hours before assistance is requested; and

It is possible to change or transfer the vehicle registered under Vehicle Membership during the Membership Year and existing offer. Please note however that service will not be available for the new Vehicle until 24 hours after HELPS receives the notification of the vehicle change. Also, HELPS will require that the previous membership is canceled before a new vehicle is introduced. The transfer of membership can only entitle the new vehicle to activate a service only after 24 hours and continuing with the entitlements under the previous vehicle. Any new vehicle introduced to replace another shall be in the same category as the previous vehicle (i.e. salon for salon or 4x4 for 4x4).

Extras: HELPS offers loyal customers extra beneficial services to keep their Vehicles in good shape.



General Terms & Conditions


General exclusions


1. HELPS Membership breakdown assistance and towing cover does not provide for:

A. vehicle servicing or re-assembly, for example, where this is required as a result of neglect or

Unsuccessful work on the vehicle (including, but not limited to, DIY vehicle maintenance), other than that on the part of HELPS or its agents;

B. the cost of a garage or other labor required to repair your vehicle, other than that provided by HELPS mechanics at the scene of the roadside breakdown or accident;

C. any costs of fuel, lubricants, or other fluids as a result of any form of shortage or need. HELPS will arrange for your vehicle to be taken to a nearby approved garage or a garage of your choice but you will have to pay for any work required;

D. any additional charges resulting from your failure to carry a legal and serviceable spare wheel

or tire. "HELPS" may at their discretion arrange on your behalf, but will not pay for, any such assistance from a third party;

E. the provision of service when your vehicle is on private property e.g. garage premises unless you can establish that you have the permission of the owner or occupier;

F. If there are people in a broken-down vehicle, HELPS will seek to arrange, but will not pay for, their onward transportation;

G. any ferry or toll charges incurred in connection with your vehicle as a result of it being recovered;

H. the recovery of any vehicles bearing trade plates or which HELPS has reason to believe have just been imported or purchased at auction;

I. the transportation of immobilized vehicles where HELPS considers this to be part of commercial activity, for example, to, from or for motor dealers or delivery companies;

J. the cost (including any call out charge) of any locksmith, body-glass or Tyre specialist, should

HELPS considers this to be required. HELPS will endeavor to arrange this help on your behalf, however, it will not pay for these specialist services and any contract for services provided will be between you and the relevant specialist. If, in HELPS reasonable opinion, your vehicle requires recovery to such a specialist to be mobilized and, to effect that recovery, specialist lifting equipment not normally carried by HELPS patrol technician is required, HELPS will arrange the recovery but at your cost. If the use of a locksmith or other specialist would, in the HELPS’s opinion, mobilize the vehicle, no further service will be available for the breakdown in question;

L. the cost of any specialist lifting equipment (not normally carried by HELPS patrols), if this is, in the view of HELPS, required to assist e.g. when a vehicle has left the highway, is standing on soft ground or is stuck in floodwater. In these instances, HELPS will arrange recovery but at your cost. Once the vehicle has been recovered to a suitable location, normal HELPS services will be provided;

1. Assistance for vehicles broken down as a result of taking part in any “MotorSport Event”,

including, without limitation, racing, rallying, trials or time-trials or autotest. However, for the avoidance of doubt, HELPS does not consider track test days for road-legal vehicles held exclusively on open public highways where participants are required to comply with the normal rules of the road, to be Motor Sports Events


Additional services


1. Any additional services made available by HELPS which are not described in these Terms & Conditions are provided on a purely discretionary basis and may be withdrawn at any time.


Use of agents


Services from dedicated HELPS patrol technicians are subjected to availability and may be supplemented by the use of other appropriate agents. HELPS will only accept responsibility for the actions of an agent where the agent is directly employed by HELPS and acted within the scope of his employment.

Requests for assistance

3. All requests for assistance must be made to HELPS using the contact instructions provided by HELPS from time to time.

Emergency nature of breakdown service

4. HELPS patrol technicians are trained and equipped to carry out emergency roadside repairs and are not in a position to comment on the general safety or roadworthiness of a vehicle after a breakdown or an emergency repair. Besides, completion of an emergency repair cannot be taken to signify or in any way guarantee the general roadworthiness of the vehicle concerned.




5. A reminder will be sent to advise members of the cost of HELPS Membership, and any changes to Terms & Conditions that will take effect, at renewal.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

6. Yearly membership cover: HELPS is entitled to change any of the Terms & Conditions at renewal. HELPS also reserves the right to make changes to these Terms & Conditions during the Membership Year, on the giving of reasonable notice, where it reasonably considers this necessary to comply with any applicable laws, regulations, or instruction of any regulatory authority.

Changes to your Details

7. Changes to your name or address must be notified to HELPS immediately. This must be done by emailing us or contacting our customer support team.


Matters outside HELPS’s reasonable control


8. While HELPS seeks to meet the service needs of Members at all times, its resources are finite and this may not always be possible.HELPS shall not be liable for service failures where HELPS is faced with circumstances outside its reasonable control. Events which might constitute circumstances outside the First Call’s reasonable control include (but are not limited to) outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, Acts of God, acts of terrorism, acts of authority (including the refusal or revocation of any license or consent), fire, explosion, flood, fog or other bad weather conditions, vehicle, equipment or systems failures, shortages of fuel or other necessary supplies, failure of communications lines or systems, the default of suppliers or sub-contractors, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout or any possible industrial action of its kind.


Exclusion of liability for loss of profit etc.


9.HELPS shall not, in any circumstance, and to the extent permitted by law, have any responsibility for (a) any increased costs or expenses, (b) any loss of (i) profit, (ii) business, (iii) contracts, (iv) revenue or (v) anticipated savings or (c) for any special or indirect losses incurred as a result of or in connection with any service, whether resulting from tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), from breach of contract or otherwise.


Enforcement of Terms & Conditions


10. Failure to enforce or non-reliance on any of these Terms & Conditions by HELPS will not prevent HELPS from subsequently relying on or enforcing them.

11. None of the Terms & Conditions, or benefits, of HELPS Membership Cover, are enforceable by anyone else other than the Member. For the avoidance of doubt, and without limiting the above, any rights under The Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, or any replacement or amendment of such act, are excluded.

Interpretation: use of Ghana Law & language

12. Your HELPS Membership and these Terms & Conditions are governed and should be interpreted by the laws of Ghana. The Terms & Conditions are written in English and all correspondence entered into shall be in English.




13. Highway Emergency Local Patrol Services Limited

Highway Emergency Local Patrol Services (HELPS) is a roadside assistance company established under the Companies ACT 1963(ACT179) of Ghana, in the year 2018 with the name Highway Emergency Patrol Services Limited. We are currently located at Madina Redco Flats, Accra.

A one-time GHC 10.00 enrollment fee applies to all new Membership purchases.

Members requiring road service on the same day they join or re-enroll will be subject to a nonrefundable GHC 100.00 Same Day Service Fee.


Offers, discounts, rates, and terms subject to change without notice.

HELPS will not be responsible for loss or damage of items left in the vehicle.

Upon becoming a member, you agree to the terms and conditions of HELPS


Emergency Roadside Assistance, Towing Service Cover,Diagnostic Testing & Administration Contract.