Q1. What services do we offer?

 Ans: Highway Emergency Local Patrol Services (HELPS) provides    roadside breakdown assistance.

Q2. How can I register or become a member?

 Ans: You can either register via Our online form Or website, visit our                office at Madina Redco Flats for assistance or call 0552073022 /     0505334703.

Q3. Which subscriptions best suits me?

  Ans: We have 3 different budget friendly packages made for all
Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Q4. Can I access service immediately after registering?

  Ans: NO Please. services will only be accessible 24hrs after registration.

Q5. I am not a member but need emergency service immediately?

  Ans: We offer emergency Services to non members at a fee ranging between Ghc100-250.

Q6. How do I send an emergency request?

  Ans: one can send us a request through our whatsApp number 0505334703 or call us on our hotlines 0552073022/0505334703.

Q7. What happens if my car cannot be fixed in the shortest possible time?

  Ans: Your call will be towed to the nearest approved garage within the service Area.

Q8. Which service areas do you cover?

  Ans: We currently operate within Accra only but we are working on extending our coverage to other geographical regions within the country.

Q9. Do I pay the mobile mechanic after he is done with service?

   Ans: No please. Your membership covers the service of the mobile mechanic. (if a part needs to be changed in the process of rendering the service then you will have to pay for it).

Q10. If I have 2 or more cars does my membership covers for all?

    Ans: No. Subscription is per a vehicle.

Q11. If I send a request and a mechanic gets to the location and I have left the location because my car has started do I lose 1 call out?

   Ans: Yes you do

Q12. Can someone driving my car, registered with your service, call for assistance?

  Ans: Yes Please. But with your permission.