What Is Roadside Assistance?

emergency roadside assistance

Roadside assistance and breakdown cover are services that assist Vehicle owners and drivers, whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical fault that leaves the driver stranded at an unwanted location or at an unfavorable time.It comes in handy when you have a flat tire, in need of a battery jump start or you run out of Fuel.

In Ghana, there is demand for Emergency Roadside Assistance but low patronage of the service.This is due to lack of education on the industry and understanding of its benefits.

Most Ghanaians view the service as luxurious and only the rich can afford such services.

According to local news outlet ghanaweb.com, data obtained from Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) shows that  more than one million vehicles of all types were imported into the country from 2005 to 2016, of which eighty percent were second-hand vehicles. This information clearly spells out who is need of emergency roadside assistance in Ghana.

In actual sense Emergency Roadside Assistance is cheaper than what most Ghanaians think. At Highway Emergency local Patrol Services(HELPS) one can get roadside assistance for as low as Ghc 360 per annum with ten(10) annual call outs. This is further broken down to about Ghc 0.99 per a day. HELPS service delivery comes in 3 packages  suited to all social classes.

In Ghana Highway Emergency local Patrol Services(HELPS) is one of the few roadside assistance companies in town. They are a roadside assistance company geared towards providing peace of mind driving with added sense of security at a great value to vehicle owners and driver.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance absorbs the cost of different services which are are expensive into one low cost plan. On the Ghanaian market the average towing plan for a vehicle ranges from about Ghc150 to Ghc250.

John Nielsen, managing director of Automotive Engineering for AAA explains, “All vehicles – even the newest ones – are prone to typical roadside headaches like dead batteries, flat tires and misplaced keys, but vehicles 10 years and older are four times more likely to encounter a problem serious enough to require a tow to a repair facility.”This is according to safety.com's article on roadside assistance

In a recent report compiled by AAA, the most wanted breakdown service in 2019 are

  • Battery related issues
  • Tire/tyre damages
  • Overheating problems

What does a typical emergency roadside coverage plan include?

  • Battery jump-start
  • Flat Tyre/tire service
  • Towing
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Lockout service

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